Monday, September 28, 2015

Style! | Abercrombie's Inspired Batch No.46, a Look from the Summits...

A triumphant champion of the summits
of the glorious Adirondacks, Batch No.46 has finally premiered!
We take a closer look at this latest scent-creation...

         STEEPED IN HERITAGE of rugged, mountainous spirit, Batch No.46 cologne has finally arrived for the Abercrombie & Fitch Man! Courageous and adventurous, this latest and highly-anticipated scent-creation is a play on more than meets the eye and nose...

"Rooted in the essence of adventure, Batch No. 46 captures the energy of great outdoors. With a rich blend of warm woods [cedarwood] grounded in dark amber and musk, this rugged scent symbolizes courage with a fearless drive." -

The Sitch on Fitch first began to share insider speculation and anticipation for this curious olfactory concoction back in early-July by when it was heard through the grapevine and whispered among higher-ups that not only was there a cologne concept curiously named "Batch No.46" been developed but that it may also be a rework of the original formula of RUEHL No.925 Signature cologne - and that latter part was the main hook of it all for diehard A&Fers of long-years and personally familiar with the RUEHL retail concept during its original 2004-2010 run. By late-August, we shared more illuminating details involving the key fragrant notes and the inspiration behind the concept.

"Beautifully, Batch No.46 is particularly heritage-based. Authentic and raw. Something we haven't seen in a long time for a fragrance for the A&F Man. It is placed as paying homage to the hikers who braved climbing to the summits of the Adirondack High Peaks. And from this is where we get the "No.46". The Adirondack High Peaks is the name given to 46 mountain peaks in the Adirondacks which were originally considered to be the region's highest above 4,000ft, and though recent evidence has concluded that four of them are actually under 4,000ft, and that one that is above 4,000ft was overlooked, the name has stayed out of sense of tradition to the original 46 peaks - there is even an organization for individuals who have climbed all of the traditional 46 High Peaks, the Adirondack Forty-Sixers. The olfactory creation is literally the batch of fragrant of liquid inspired by the spirit of the heritage of the High Peaks, Batch No.46." - The Sitch on Fitch, August 28, 2015

By its release, TSOF labeled Batch No.46 cologne as "Where the Blazed Trail Crosses Greenwich Street..." - a play on the historic and iconic slogan for Abercrombie & Fitch, in New York City, by when, in 1917, it moved into its historic and iconic original flagship location at the corner of Madison Avenue and East 45th Street, "Where the Blazed Trail Crosses the Boulevard." Not only was Batch No.46 released coincidentally on September 24 (the date of the 2004 inception of Greenwich Village-inspired RUEHL No.925), but it shares formulaic affinity with RUEHL No.925 cologne and parallels in the orthography of nomenclature.

Now, a close look at the bottle and unique packaging...

Detail of bottle and packaging for Batch No.46 cologne including interior print
of technical map of Adirondacks and embossed historical "A&F Co" logo; bottom image,
Batch No.46 alongside RUEHL No.925 (Signature) cologne.

While the bottle may not be wholly unique in that it follows along established codes of physical elements for A&F Fragrances, the packaging brings a return to specialized character for a fragrance concept for A&F Men - we've only ever seen this return to unique character in packaging with A&F Womens fragrance offerings recently.

"In the early 1900s, a small band of explorers set out to climb each of the 46 peaks of the Adirondack Mountains. With only 12 sets of trails, the mountaineers were the first to forge new paths through uncharted terrain, inspiring thousands to follow in their footsteps. Rooted in the essence of adventure, Batch No.46 captures the energy of the great outdoors. With a rich blend of warm woods grounded in dark amber and musk, this rugged scent pays homage to the courageous hikers of the 46 high peaks and their fearless drive to reach new heights." - Declaration of inspiration and homage on the back on the packaging for Batch No.46
"Au début des anées 1900s, un petit groupe d'explorateurs entreprit de gravir les 46 sommets des montagnes de Adirondacks, ces alpinistes furent les premiers à façonner de nouveaux sentiers dans une territoire encore largement inexploré, où seulement 12 pistes avaient été établies à l'époche. Leurs eploits inpirerent des milliers d'enthousiastes de la montagne. Enraciné dans l'essence de l'aventure, Batch No.46 exprime énergie des grands espaces. Doté d'un riche amalgame de bois chauds ancrés dans le musc et le ambre sombre, ce robuste parfum rend hommage aux vaillants alpinistes qui conquirent les 46 montagnes des Adirondacks et à leur volonté intrepidé d'atteindre de nouveaux sommets." - French-language translation, underneath the English-language paragraph, as well on the box

Purveyed in 1.7 fl oz (50 ml), Batch No.46 retails for US$48 in the Abercrombie & Fitch American home market, and while it was debuted online, it's made its way instores!

This latest scent-creation for the Abercrombie & Fitch Man makes for a fine feature in your fragrance repertoire! The Adirondacks are calling, French bulldog in tow...


Written by C.E.R. Images in this post: head image, Batch No.46 on; remaining images, Michel P. TSOF Contributor