Monday, May 11, 2015

Letter from the Editor! | In Summer Waters, a New Era Steadfast...

Amanda Norgaard, leading female face of marketing for new A&F...
Photography, Guy Aroch for Abercrombie & Fitch   |   @abercrombie Instagram, May 11, 2015
         NOW AS WE embark on newfound summer waters, a collective spirit nestled on a vessel of yet undergoing evolution, well onward we venture forward - the horizon promising through enigmatic in the epic odyssey which we partake. For however volatile the seas may become, and clouds and storms descend, there's is an occurrence of ever-glimpsing shinning sun and skies pure-blue reflecting unwavered hope and know of smiles to remain true. A fresh, strong incoming summerwind now picks up. Can you feel it. To advance our progressions and move us ever steadfast. On newfound summer waters we are, and by the end into new seas of journey fierce - we sail on, now more than ever so - we will begin to see, to feel, to taste, to love, with heart in yearn for a resurge, the fruits of a new paradise and more...

Romantic figurative prose aside, this is the summer to get stoked for! It's the summer of build-up to the flourish of the all-new Abercrombie & Fitch Co.! As ongoing, the headhunt is only ever picking up pace for the zero-in on the new Chief Executive Officer for the Company (though we may not hear an official declaration of finally successfully signing in a new CEO until maybe near the end of the year or so; it's taking time, naturally), and brand presidents Christos Angelides (Abercrombie & Fitch and abercrombie) and Fran Horowitz (Hollister Co.) are gearing up for the full-on rollout of the all-new assortment under their direction (and which has been privately in the works with much anticipation for months) beginning Back-to-School/Fall 2015. Super exciting, are are told we will be able to begin seeing, by then, the noticeable manifestation of their beginning work in assortment for the new era: "[P]roducts that hopefully take your breath away," shared Angelides, during the Q4 FY2014 conference call, who expressed self-awareness of the importance of tapping into heritage and yet being forward and strikingly relevant. Get your wallets ready (and that's the point, really)!

Meanwhile, moving pragmatically, inspired into the summer and on, things are advancing in an exponentiating pace for the reformation of The Sitch on Fitch organization for the new era. If you have been noticing, things have begun considerably changing at TSOF: this will only continue to accelerate, in a multidimensional manner, within the following weeks - all-the-while spreading onto the rest of the portfolio of blogs - as the summer season progresses and on into Back-to-School/Fall 2015 (by which time I expect things to be so dramatically different from even as short as from the beginning of May). Spearheading this transition is the development of a new core TSOF Team, which is already underway, with strong candidates right now coming forward fully excited, and as that takes hold, I will begin scaling-back the degree of my involvement for this fresh, passionate-for-the-new-A&F blood to enliven TSOF in its new stage: I will remain in helm as Editor-in-Chief and involved (in aspects pertaining to R&D, coding/layout, more complex levels of content creation and management, and overall overseeing the execution the greater Team effort, as such), but the new core Team will begin the carryout of the majority of development-and-rollout of posts content with bright, smart attitude correlating, and in support, of the new Abercrombie & Fitch - their influence will be significant, and you will be notified when the new pieces by them begin being published. Particularly, I have begun talks with an intelligent individual who holds valuable insight and understanding of the new Hollister: he has a good long background with things at the Company prior, but he gets it, this new HCo, and has found himself fitting with it positively, and he will be a great asset in directing and developing the startup Seagull & Surfer blog perfectly for HCo. fans - that blog has massive potential, displaying encouraging initial statistics (and this is before he comes in), and will very likely surpass The Sitch on Fitch in the near-future...and that's saying something. Overall, there is a strong, inspired, energized momentum in movement taking hold to completely reforming the organization, entering a new stage, to address the new era, circumstances and fine-tuning focusing-on / being-for the customer and associate, collectively, the A&F Fans worldwide.

This is the summer at the turn of the tide...


The Sitch on Fitch Co.

P.S. TSOF is looking to welcome amazing, nice, bright A&F guys and girls to grow and strengthen the core TSOF Team! Please go ahead and check out TSOF Opportunities (here) where everything's laid out: if you believe you would make a valuable addition and want to make your mark (or if you know of someone who would be great), feel free to reach me at! Must be 18 or older, possess English fluency or near-fluency (I am fluent in Spanish, conversational in French, and know to a degree Japanese and German, and I have no problem getting along with other languages due to an extensive linguistics background, but you must be at least near-fluent in English for writing on the blog), and applicants must reside in a country where A&F has an established retail presence.