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Models PROFILED! | Amanda Norgaard...

         OF AN ENRAPTURING incandescence of light that captivates the mind through eyes spellbound, Amanda Norgaard is of an utterly lovely nordic feminine beauty of which written lines d'or are composed, interwoven in epic odes of olden mythologic awe and grandeur dreamt. Yeah, she's that hot...

The great gods moved fate graciously to bring this exceptional specimen of beauty – a blonde, blue-eyed golden, gorgeous goddess on her own in graceful standing at 174cm (5' 7'') – to the greater world's eyes when Amanda was discovered, in 2008, by Copenhagen-based modeling agency Scoop Models – a premiére Scandinavian modeling establishment founded in 1993 by former top model Bente "Bennie" Lundquist who became a well-connected individual in the industry and was even a favorite of iconic photographer, the late Helmut Newton. Amanda arose naturally through to soon enough, by the turn of the decade, attain high-profile modeling work walking the runways of renowned labels Chanel, Fendi, Burberry and more internationally Paris, London, New York, and her modeling career took her on furthermore through ever flourishing high-fashion print and art work...

Amanda for Karl Lagerfeld's CHANEL Spring-Summer 2010 ready-to-wear
presentation at, as ever, le Grand Palais, Paris, October 6, 2009.
Images, Chanel on British Vogue online,
Inspired by Marie Antoinette's fantasy "farm"
hamlet at Versailles and Fragonard art.
Watch (part I) (part II)

Amanda for another one of Karl's helmed labels,
Fendi Spring-Summer 2010, Milano, September 27, 2009.
Images, Fendi, on British Vogue online,
Watch fashion show (here).

Samples of her work for Burberry including walking Christopher Bailey's
Burberry Prorsum Spring-Summer 2011 ready-to-wear, London, September 21, 2010,
and modeling in the Fall-Winter 2010/11 eyewear and timepieces
campaigns shot by Jacob Sutton.

In 2011, by which time she was well established as as formidable rising young model, English indie rock band The Vaccines released a song about her titled "Norgaard", and they included her in the music video for it...

Check out the lyrics on the band's official site (here).

Lead vocalist and guitarist Justin Hayward-Young – who also happens to be acquaintances with Marcus Mumford and Winston Marshall of the Grammy Award-winning Mumford & Sons – wrote the song after having met Amanda once, and he told Frock-and-Roll, "She was beautiful but she kissed my friend. It didn't affect me as much as the song might suggest it did[,] but I thought it would [be] an interesting experiment to write a song about something that wasn't beating me up. I’d only ever written about things I was obsessing over[;] it made a nice change and came pretty easy." On having a song written on her, Amanda replied to, "It’s great! I’ve always wished to be a short, catchy punk song! It’s still a bit surreal that someone is spelling and singing my name, but I love the song and it’s a great story for the grandkids. [...] You don’t really walk around expecting it - 'I wonder who’s gonna write me a song today?!' So yes I was surprised." And on the music video, "Shooting the video was probably one of my best jobs ever! Everyone on set was so sweet and professional. I didn’t really prepare myself. I knew I was gonna play tennis and roller-skate, so it was more about mental preparation since I’m not really a sporty kinda gal. But I just had a glorious time. Justin and I decided to play squash in one of our breaks - bad idea because he smashed the tennis ball directly in my left eye, not on purpose... Or..." Her favorite part of the song? "'Great danes cheekbones.' For a while (3 months) my friends and I thought they were singing 'razor cheekbones' they weren't. But 'great danes cheekbones' is still a banging line."

Beginning in July with the Fall 2014 fashion season, Amanda came to join the hallowed pantheon of Abercrombie & Fitch models as one of the featured characters in the engaging, evocative style features photography by Guy Aroch for A&F. With her exquisite, radiant and sexy femininity, youthful, brilliant, and energetic, Amanda channels a balance of grace and elegance, casual 'ttude and fun to personify the ideal Abercrombie & Fitch girl. Truthfully, she is wholeheartedly a most outstanding leading lady who's, henceforth this latter-half of 2014, made her mark as the commanding female face of Abercrombie Fitch...

To much of our delight, for one of her many modeling jobs, she's also worked with A&F Model alumni Camille Rowe who was the grand female lead in the glorious and unforgettable Abercrombie & Fitch campaign for Fall 2010, A&F Screen Test, and whom was the first ever featured model on the TSOF header back when the blog first launched (more than four years later, Amanda has also found herself on our signature header, now far different than back when Camille was first on it, though now twice)...

Our girls Camille and Amanda with model Farah Holt for Free People's
Intimately Free People collection Spring 2014 lookbook.
Photography by David Bellemere.

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I   N   S   T   A   G   R   A   M
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Would love to see her in work for Abercrombie & Fitch by way of master Bruce Weber: she needs to be placed in front of the legendary lensman's eye, a subject in his timeless, distinguished art masterpiece-corpus! She would have also been beautiful in a RUEHL No.925 campaign or as a gorgeous Gilly Hicks Girl during the inspired, original, founding days of Gilly Hicks as truly the Cheeky Cousin of Abercrombie & Fitch, sophisticated and sexy, for young adult women. Her current work at Abercrombie & Fitch has been but an inspiring beginning.

Discover more of Amanda in her exceptional modeling career by checking out her profile – including polaroids, videos, and runway moments – at Scoop Model's official website (here)! Furthermore, get to know more of her on a candid level with these fun interviews by Pony Rider (here) and (here)!

Make sure to follow Amanda on Instagram (here) for wonderful snapshots sharings from her beautifully eclectic life and work of the moment!

#   W   E   L   O   V   E   A   M   A   N   D   A   !

...Stay FIERCE!