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S.M. Highlights! | Top-10 Abercrombie Models to #Instafollow...

         THIS MIGHT just be the sexiest post on #THEHOTTESTBLOG...EVER! In light of's recent article, "10 Male Models You Need To Be Following On Instagram", The Sitch on Fitch responds in the only way it, and none else, can...providing you the top-10 Abercrombie & Fitch model alumni you NEED to totally be #intafollowing!

Weighed in by level of popularity/significance/notability as A&F model, strides in their work in modeling and all other pursuits, and just superb appeal completely must-have on your IG feed, the mix encompasses a steamy repertoire of goofs, sophisticates, free-spirited darers et al. And all sexy, hypercool, and worthy of a (double-)tap-that always...

You're welcome.

C O L T O N   H A Y N E S
@  c   o   l   t   o   n   l   h  a  y  n  e  s
F O  L  L  O  W

IG bio caption:
"Actor/Uncle/Goof/Superhero on ARROW. Enjoy my fun, random life! :)"

Modeled A&F in 2004 and "The Making of a Star" 2014.
Instagram king, widely known for Jackson Whittemore on Teen Wolf,
currently on The CW's Arrow series and ventures into musical pursuits, too.
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J U S T I N   H O P W O O D
@  j  u  s  t  i  n  h  o  p  w  o  o  d  _
F O  L  L  O  W

IG bio caption:
"South African. ✌️❤️"

Main face of  epic A&F "Screen Test" Fall 2010 campaign
and cover model for A&F Quarterly Screen Test 2010 edition.
Currently a main face at Ralph Lauren. Pursuing photography passion.
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Justin to The Sitch on Fitch replying to C.E.R.'s July 17, 2014, #TBT IG
"Thanks for the kind words a lot of memories right there!"

A L E X A N D E R   L U D W I G
@  a  l  e  x  a  n  d  e  r  l  u  d  w  i  g
F O  L  L  O  W

One of the most featured models in recent years;
used for a&f kids and A&F campaigns and shopping bags;
last campaign, A&F "Stars on the Rise" Back-to-School/Fall 2013.
Continuing his modeling career; has ventured in film roles;
currently on History channel's Vikings series.

N I C K   B A T E M A N
@  n  i  c  k  _  _  b  a  t  e  m  a  n
F O  L  L  O  W

Focused modeling career; mass following and fan base.
Widely remembered for his spot in A&F Christmas 2009.
His photo was reused for shopping bags post-Christmas period 2010/2011
such as the mini one he carries above with his dog.

P A D D Y   M I T C H E L L
@  p  a  d  _  m  i  t  c  h
F O  L  L  O  W

Majorly featured model for Hollister Co. and A&F
in the early 2010s; last A&F Co. campaign, A&F Spring 2013.
Widely known for his A&F Co. appearances; devoted high fashion modeling career.

K A R L I E   K L O S S
@  k  a  r  l  i  e  k  l  o  s  s
F O  L  L  O  W

Former abercrombie kids model. Since turn of new decade,
globally famed supermodel who's walked runways for haute couture and ready-to-wear
of prestigious fashion houses; numerous modeling campaigns and Vogue features.
Currently also Victoria's Secret Angel and runway angel since 2011.
Also runs her vegan Karlie's Kookies line of cookies.
Recently moved into purchased home in West Village, 
Greenwich Village,
NYC, neighborhood which was basis for RUEHL No.925 brand
(mere cool coincidence, not that she moved there because of it).
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R O S E   H U N T I N G T O N - W H I T E L Y
@  r  o  s  i  e  h  w
F O  L  L  O  W

Famed former Victoria's Secret Angel and runway angel; with VS from 2006 to 2011.
Featured starring role in the 2011 film Transformers: Dark of the Moon
having replaced Megan Fox in lead female role. Female lead for
A&F Christmas 2004, the season which introduced
the "Casual Luxury" concept.

M I R A N D A   K E R R
@  m  i  r  a  n  d  a  k  e  r  r
F O  L  L  O  W

Former RUEHL No.925 model; featured in RUEHL Book, New York Blues (2007).
Famed former Victoria's Secret Angel and runway angel; with VS from 2006 to 2013.
Continuing famed modeling career; recently began pure-natural
and ethics-conscious body care line, Kora OrganicEx-wife
to Orlando Bloom with whom she shares a son.

C A M I L L E   R O W E
@  f  i  n  g  e  r  m  o  n  k  e  y
F O  L  L  O  W

Lead female model for grand A&F "Screen Test" campaign, Fall 2010;
featured prominently in campaign photography, short films, and A&F Quarterly for season.
Continuing modeling, has ventured into film before. Rose to greater fame as the romantic
interest for Robert Pattinson in new 2013 Dior Homme scent campaign.
First ever featured model on header for The Sitch on Fitch when blog launched.
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S A G E   N I C O L E   H U M P H R I E S
@  s  a  g  e  y  n  i  c  o  l  e  h  u  m  p  h  r  i  e  s
F O  L  L  O  W

IG bio caption:
"Sage Nicole Humphries: Ford Model~ Ballerina~ Actress~ Singer~ Songwriter~ Musician~

'If they give you ruled paper... Write the other way'"

Up-and-coming model to watch with furthermore musical and ballet pursuits.
Featured in A&F Christmas 2013. Follows The Sitch on Fitch on Instagram!
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Sage to The Sitch on Fitch in reply to
C.E.R.'s Models PROFILED! post:
"@thesichonfitch Thank you again! Your blog is so creative
and I really appreciate it so much! #fordmodels"

With all that on your IG feed, now don't you feel all #instagood... ;)


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