Monday, August 15, 2011

Models Profiled! | Justin Hopwood: After A&F Screen Test...a Rising Star that's Even Hotter than Ever!

Justin Hopwood in his iconic best image | (image source)
I know you remember Justin Hopwood! One year prior to Back-to-School 2011, Abercrombie & Fitch stores around the world were on fire with A&F Screen Test – the greatest marketing campaign ever launched in the history of Abercrombie & Fitch…And Justin was the leading model of that unforgettable Back-to-School 2010! The iconic main photo of the campaign (featuring this up-and-coming model) welcomed excited fans to A&F’s around the world stores; it was plastered on the thousands upon thousands of shopping bags; and it was the cover art of the A&F Quarterly 2010 re-release issue. No other A&F model has ever played such an expansive role in an A&F campaign as Justin has – no(hot)body comes close!

Main image for the Screen Test, Back-to-School 2010 campaign
Photography by Bruce Weber
Born in South Africa in 1989, Justin Hopwood began his modeling career in modest steps in 2008. With a dreamy face and a lean 6'1'' body, he was “spotted” by a modeling agent” – the oft-cited tale of the typical boy rising to the status of idolization (Bieber, anyone?). Justin was signed to Major Model Management and thus came to be featured in shoots here and there. But the opportunity to prove himself as a star to the modeling world came in 2010 when he was cast to appear in a Bruce Weber photoshoot…the Screen Test of a lifetime. Abercrombie & Fitch made Justin its leading man for what was to be the biggest A&F fashion season ever launched. Vintage Hollywood-esque inspired and completely exciting, A&F Screen Test was launched on 17 July 2010 and Justin, as the very attractive focal point, quickly became a sensation worldwide! Imagine the thousands and thousands of bags carried down the shopping centers and streets of America and New York City, London, Milan, and Tokyo with your face on them! He made it, and he made it big!
Screen Test intro spread in the A&F Quarterly
Not just for the campaign, Justin is also remembered as the cover model for the return of the A&F Quarterly. Only hardcore A&F fans still recall and reminisce over the racy-cool appeal of this controversial American “magalog,” launched in 1997, that was discontinued in 2003. Weber’s photographs of gorgeous abs, butts, and breasts are what it’s always been about – for the camera, Justin was not shy… A&F Quarterly Screen Test features exactly 21 images, among hundreds of other models within its 176 pages, of the South African having hot fun the way you only can in an Abercrombie dream. And looking at his photos (check them out by clicking here and here!) really puts a grin on your face – fun for real! In the Quarterly, he shares, “My mates and I decided to crash my girlfriend’s 21st birthday in Cape Town. As her father praised her, we tore off our pants and stood in out pink G-strings. Unfortunately, my mate fell into her dad, and he fell into granny and down they went. That was a fun night!”
But there was more of Justin than just in the Quarterly. He dribbled ball poolside and nude, and laid it all out and in the open under the radiant sun, in the first (in series of four) Screen Test short films. He made a final appearance in the final film in which he plays boxer with his fellow Abercrombie boys. Although I can’t provide that final film, you can check Justin's clip in the first film below:

Justin in the Rugby Ralph Lauren
Fall 2011 campaign. |
Justin Hopwood passed the Screen Test and moved on to land other significant roles. He was a part of the Polo Jeans fall 2010 campaign (although he got the job earlier in the year). Nearing the end of 2010, he made his debut on the runway, during men’s fashion week, for Spring-Summer 2011, by walking down for the Perry Ellis label…And the gigs keep coming for him! Apart from Bruce Weber (which is among the most renowned photographers in the industry, and, thus, Justin’s most notable photo session), he has also come pose for the lens of GregoryVaughan, Marco Marezza, Milan Cronjefor and Bryce Thompson. Obviously, his killer good looks have been featured in numerous style & fashion magazines. And he seems to be a favorite of Ralph Lauren! Justin’s looking absolutely amazing in Rugby Ralph Lauren for Fall 2011!
He currently resides in Hamburg, Germany, were he is signed to PMA models. However, he also spends some time in New York (of course!) where he is signed with Soul Artist Management. And considering he’s South African, life’s taken him on adventures across three continents…a man of the world this one! But despite all this, Justin’s seemingly a really down-to-earth dude. Seriously. The man evenskateboards! Handsome and cool, there’s no denying it, Justin’s a real interesting guy indeed!
And with killer looks, it’s no surprise that Justin’s come to acquire many, many admirers. From the numerous attention he’s received online, Justin has been ranked as one of the hottest male models out there right now! Hunk du Jour named him Hunk of the Day two times (May 9 and June 12, 2011)! Red-Hot-Tips also named him their Hunk of the Day (12 May 2011), too! But days aren't enough for him. The man was also Dude of the Week (1 August 2010) on the awesome Pink is the New Blog, and he's also been a Hunk of the Month candidate for Media Alive. Apart from the ladies, men can't even help themselves either...

He has a very promising career ahead of him. He walks in the footsteps of others who began their modeling careers at Abercrombie & Fitch. Okay, Justin didn't technically first start at A&F, but it is only fairly fair to say that A&F Screen Test was, without a doubt, the flint that sparked his trip to the stars…

Making his way to the top... | Photo from A&F Quarterly Screen Test
Photography by Bruce Weber | (image source)


This is a second in the Models Profiled! series highlighting previous A&F Co. models that have gone on to become notable figures in the modeling/fashion world.