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S.M. Highlights! | Steven R. McQueen Abercrombie Q&A...

Steven on the A&F The Making of a Star red carpet, 22 February 2014.
         ON SATURDAY, MARCH 1, actor Steven R. McQueen – of Vampire Diaries fame and one of the amazing guys and girls of this season's A&F The Making of a Star campaign! – took over the Abercrombie & Fitch Twitter account for the brand's second ever social media Q&A with fans. Delivered in an awesome landslide were super great question-tweets to which Steven responded with fun! Now in case you happened to miss the S.M. event, #THEHOTTESTBLOG now has everything archived chronologically for you to check out...

A&F  And, we're LIVE! @McQueeninchains here, and we're ready to go. Keep tweeting your questions with #ASKSteven. They're awesome! [1:58PM (EST; UTC +5)]

Q  #AskSteven @McQueeninchains where's the best place you've ever been? thanks x – @damnitelle

A  @damnitelle @McQueeninchains Home Sweet Home.

Q  @McQueeninchains #AskSteven snowboarding on a cool day or skateboarding on a nice day? – ‏@SiredtoSmolder

A  @SiredtoSmolder @McQueeninchains Skateboarding with my dog, pulling me.

Q  I know you watch arrow, but besides arrow. What tv shows do you watch? :) #AskSteven – @Ianonmymind

A  @Ianonmymind I watch Game of Thrones, Chopped, and Breaking Bad, and Scooby Doo.

Q  @McQueeninchains what's your favorite ice cream flavor? #AskSteven – @alohatvd

A  @alohatvd @McQueeninchains Chocolate chip cookie dough!

Q  What motivates you? #AskSteven – @lovelyxmissy

A  @lovelyxmissy Stress & love are the greatest motivators.

Q  @McQueeninchains What's been your most favourite role to play? #AskSteven – @ReignOfNiklaus

A  @ReignOfNiklaus @McQueeninchains All of them in different ways.

Q  If you had the power to bring one person back from the dead who would it be? #AskSteven #AskSteven! – @francisco_87

A  @francisco_87 Miyamoto Musashi.

Q  @McQueeninchains if you were stuck on a deserted island with a celebrity, whom would it be? #AskSteven – @damneverlark

A  @damneverlark @McQueeninchains scarlett johansson just for warmth, and bear grylls to stay alive.

Q  #AskSteven What's the weirdest dream you've had? – @ivybunyumyum1

A  @ivybunyumyum1 I remember having a dream that I could fly, and then the second that I woke up I was mad that I couldn't.

Q  @McQueeninchains What's the best acting advice you've received #AskSteven – @Angie_Daley

A  @Angie_Daley @McQueeninchains Just to have fun.

Q  not a question i just wanted to say i love you and you are such a great actor i hope you'll have a lot of projects in the future #AskSteven – @obroseyisland

A  @obroseyisland Thank you!

Q  @Abercrombie @McQueeninchains #AskSteven what do you prefer? Pizza or Burgers? – ‏@iPerrottatweets

A  @iPerrottatweets @McQueeninchains BBQ Chicken Pizza.

Q  @Abercrombie #AskSteven describe your self in 3 words – @caloufxrnia_

A  @caloufxrnia_ A hard worker

Q  @Abercrombie #AskSteven on a scale of 1-10, how well of a dancer would you say you are? – @ohnanananae

A  @ohnanananae's pretty bad.

Q  Top 3 sports? #AskSteven @McQueeninchains – @Gwn_Sanne

A  @Gwn_Sanne @McQueeninchains M.M.A, hockey, and soccer.

Q  #AskSteven how do you feel to be the grandson of the famous steve mcqueen? – @ElenaFraquelli1

A  @ElenaFraquelli1 Very lucky and very grateful.

Q  @McQueeninchains #AskSteven Hi Steven :) What's your motto in Life? – @TreeHearts01

A  @TreeHearts01 @McQueeninchains Work hard and never give up.

Q  #AskSteven How many pillows do you sleep with? @McQueeninchains @Abercrombie – @FansOfMcQueen

A  @FansOfMcQueen @McQueeninchains One while spooning Max my dog.

Q  @abercrombie #AskSteven What was the last song you listened to? :) – @MsSaraPriscila

A  @MsSaraPriscila Sympathy for the Devil by Rolling Stones.

Q  #AskSteven when you will come to Brazil? @McQueeninchains @Abercrobie 82 – @luriia_ls

A  @luriia_ls @McQueeninchains @abercrombie When will you buy my ticket?

Q  @Abercrombie What is the first thing you do when you wake up? #AskSteven – @JeremyG_forever

A  @JeremyG_forever When I usually wake up, I make a protein shake. And then I walk my dog, Max.

Q  @McQueeninchains @Abercrombie What would be the best birthday gift for you? #AskSteven – @ZukaLovegood

A  @ZukaLovegood @McQueeninchains Just to be surrounded by friends and family.

Q  @McQueeninchains @Abercrombie Where do you see yourself in like 10 years from now? #AskSteven – @_TVDSource

A  @_TVDSource @McQueeninchains Hopefully still doing what I love.

Q  #AskSteven Who's the most important person in your life ? @Abercrombie – @tvdkatlove

A  @tvdkatlove My mama!

Q  @Abercrombie #AskSteven whi was the last person u texted and what was it??? – @BABY_Brooks1

A  @BABY_Brooks1 My brother @Jessarae.

Q  @McQueeninchains Which superpower would you most like to have? #AskSteven – @azkabn

A  @azkabn @McQueeninchains I'd like to be a wolverine or have Superman's powers.

Q  what do you do on set for fun? #AskSteven – @petrova_amara

A  @petrova_amara Honestly, just have fun hanging out with the crew. Everyone's so funny.

Q  #AskSteven how many tattoos do you have? – @ElenaFraquelli1

A  @ElenaFraquelli1 I have 5.

Q  @Abercrombie What's your favorite color? #AskSteven – @CruzE220

A  @CruzE2201 I love red and blue.

Q  Do you wanna go on a date with me? #AskSteven – @marta4ever95

A  @marta4ever95 Who's buying?

Q  @abercrombie #AskSteven what's your dream girl like? – @emeliezh

A  @emeliezh Someone that can make me laugh.

Q  Who's someone that you would like to work with the future? -xoxo @Abercrombie #AskSteven – @MenreetSalvator

A  @MenreetSalvator I'd love to work with Anthony Hopkins, Harrison Ford, and Gary Oldman.

Q  @McQueeninchains.@Abercrombie #AskSteven What's your favorite disney movie? – @livelovetv1

A  @livelovetv1 @McQueeninchains The Lion King.

Q  #AskSteven Who do you admire? And do you have favourite actor or actress? @Abercrombie – @AlanderEmmi

A  @AlanderEmmi You. And, Gary Oldman.

Q  @Abercrombie What is your ideal of going on date? #AskSteven – ‏@KJamjekian

A  @KJamjekian An adventure.

Q  #AskSteven if you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you like to be? :) – @JuliaaJohnsen

A  @JuliaaJohnsen The Bahamas.

Q  [tweet unavailable] – @AndreLeoCullen

A  @AndreLeoCullen cupcakes.

Q  @Abercrombie #AskSteven if you could choose to play any other character in TVD who would it be and why ? ❤️ – @Jasminee_Cortes

A  @Jasminee_Cortes Can't make a decision, but I'd love to play Nightwing on @cw_arrow.

Q  @McQueeninchains What is it like to have so many fans that care about you? #AskSteven – @tvdvxmpire

A  @tvdvxmpire @McQueeninchains All I can say is I feel grateful.

Q  @Abercrombie @McQueeninchains #AskSteven What are your favorite clothes from Abercrombie – @Lifeaslizzy_

A  @Lifeaslizzy_ @McQueeninchains I like it all, but my favorite thing is a zip-up workout shirt.

Q  #AskSteven What's your big secret? :) – @DeboralienCansu

A  @DeboralienCansu It wouldn't be a secret then, would it?

Q  Best game on your phone? #AskSteven @McQueeninchains – @ohmysomerley

A  @ohmysomerley @McQueeninchains I don't really play games on my phone.

Q  Do you prefer pancakes or wafels? #AskSteven – ‏@FranckFinn

A  [EDITOR'S NOTE: Steven did an oops by tagging the wrong individual; this response is meant for @FranckFinn, not @ohmysomerley] @ohmysomerley @McQueeninchains Waffles with some butter and syrup.

Q  @Abercrombie @McQueeninchains #AskSteven What is the hardest thing you have ever done? – @Andrea_ValeraP

A  @Andrea_ValeraP @McQueeninchains Saying goodbye.

Q  @Abercrombie #AskSteven What's the first word that comes to your mind? – @MarianneVelay

A  @MarianneVelay Pokemon.

Q  @McQueeninchains @Abercrombie #AskSteven can you play some instrument, sing? :) – @Jossshu

A  @Jossshu @McQueeninchains I play the harmonica, guitar, and a little bit of piano.

Q  If you had one wish, what would you wish for? – @JanelleF07

A  @JanelleF07 I'd want Superman's powers.

Q  @Abercrombie reserved an extremely romantic candlelit dinner for two at del taco.. You down? #AskSteven – @twostoked

A  @twostoked That sounds spectacular.

A&F  And that's a wrap! Huge thanks to @McQueeninchains for hanging with us and answering some awesome questions. We had a blast! [2:43PM (EST; UTC +5)]

STEVEN  Thank you all for your questions. Now I have to run to the @LAKings game!!! – @McQueeninchains [2:44PM (EST; UTC +5)]

Next up for Twitter Q&As this Spring 2014 with the fans is Debbie Ryan!

...As always, Stay FIERCE!

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