Monday, April 2, 2012

Pop Out Your Package! | The Spring-Summer 2012 Men's Undies Review...

The ladies have Gilly Hicks, but what about the fellas? Abercrombie & Fitch, abercrombie, and Hollister have got you butt covered, guys!

With details of stripes and checks and solid cool, the collections of boxers and boxer briefs play it bad-ass with a masculine punch! But let's clarify a few little things first. Boxers are boxers and everyone knows they are loose-fitting and in a shorts-style. Moving along, the A&F Family also offers boxer briefs which it sometimes labels as "trunks." Boxer briefs' legs extend to the top of your thighs, but are generally longer than the trunk fit which has its legs at the very top of your thighs. Nevertheless, there is no industry standard for the length of the legs on boxer briefs and trunks. Thus, you may come across underwear labeled as "trunk" when it actually has legs that seem more like boxer briefs – A&F does this. Anyway, some retailers just consider the "trunk" a type of boxer brief.

With all that in mind, head down under to check out this season's styles...

Abercrombie & Fitch

See the entire collection of underwear (here, US site)

Colden Dam in gray and white stripe.
True to its exclusive traditions of Casual Luxury, Abercrombie & Fitch keeps it classic and sophisticated with its collection of grays and navies for its boxer briefs. The Colden Dam line (see it here) is labeled as the "stretch cotton trunk" fit but is nevertheless in the boxer brief category. This line is a continuum of stripes designs, in either navy or gray, which have become typical of A&F boxer briefs collections. They are total classics that will give your look further detail and cool...specially whenever your jeans slide off...

What's also a classic? Solid colors! Gray, dark gray, and white keep it basic. All three colors are available in boxer brief and trunk fits. The Hays Brook line (see it here) is in the "stretch cotton brief" fit and it is indeed a boxer brief as its legs are longer than the Brant Lake (see it here) "stretch cotton trunk".

And when it comes to boxers, there's the awesome Allen Mountain (see it here) line-up of navy, blue, green, pink, and white that states prepster cool! Navy, blue, green, and pink are available in Abercrombie moose, dot, or check patterns. White is only available in Abercrombie moose pattern.

You can purchase a pair from the Colden Dam, Hays Brook, Brant Lake and Allen Mountain lines for US$22 a piece. Or you could be a smart guy and get yourself a deal by buying 2 for US30 and save about 31% off of the regular price!


See the entire collection of underwear (here, US site)

Newcomb Lake in white stripe.
Inspired by its older sibling, abercrombie kids maintains tradition and style. The Newcomb Lake line brings to guys boxer briefs in broad or thin stripes in navy and gray, and solid color in navy and white. A more simple collection of boxer briefs than at A&F, it's nevertheless enough to keep things classic cool!

The Lake Placid boxers then provide loose comfort in navy, blue, pink, and white of designs in Abercrombie moose or plaid.

All underwear is US$16 individually, but a deal of 2 for US$20, with about 37% off of the regular price, is undeniable!

Hollister Co.

See the entire underwear collection (here, US site)

1,000 Steps Beach in turquoise and white stripe.
Everything Hollister is SoCal cool! ...And that includes its undies for Dudes! For its 1,000 Steps Beach line of boxer briefs, Hollister makes sweet use of navy, blue, and turquoise in broad or thin stripes. Honestly, the turquoise in broad stripes stands out the most...they have a look of cool as ice! Solid colors include navy and white, but the navy gets the vote for the hottest of the solid color boxer briefs! Seriously, though, with a cool ass waist band like that, HCo boxer briefs all make for a fine addition in any Dude's drawer!

The Old Steps boxer collection carries more various offerings in design than A&F and abercrombie. There are the stripes and the check looks in navy, blue, turquoise, and pink. Those are nice. Yeah, but who doesn't like the iconic HCo seagull?! There are boxers of HCo seagull pattern in colors of navy, blue, and pink for those hardcore fans who like to be more ostentatious with their favorite logo! And finally, its the surfer lifestyle, baby... Why not add some flower-print boxers in either navy or blue!

The best thing about this is that Hollister underwear comes at US$16 a piece – boxers and boxer briefs – at the same price as that of abercrombie kids! Thus, the offer of 2 for US$20, with about 37% off of the regular price, also stands for HCo.

It is highly recommended for guys to incorporate higher-grade underwear, such as from our favorite brands, into their look. Seriously, the type of underwear a guy wears says loads about him. Furthermore, menswear designers and retailers are noting that the modern man is increasingly interested in fashion – his style and appearance – than his fellow predecessors were. In fact, growth in the menswear industry has outstripped growth in womenswear in the upscale market!

Also, now that slimmer fits in jeans are more in style, only briefs will do as underwear. Wearing boxers with jeans is a bad move since there will be folds inside the legs of your jeans because the boxers are just not ideal for slimmer fit jeans. Leave the boxers for the shorts.