Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dude! Hollister in Edinburgh is Opening Soon!

Look, HCo is opening shop in Edinburgh! | Photo by Oliver
Finally, we can piece together the details about this upcoming location! Yeah, Hollister is now getting ready to open up its fourth shop in Scotland!

The city of Edinburgh is now getting a major piece of the Southern California fantasy and what fan couldn't be more happy! HCo Edinburgh is being set up at 80B George Street (on Edinburgh's major shopping thoroughfare). This address was previously occupied by the British fashion retailer Cruise which moved out in the fall. The design of the Cruise store won the BCO Award back in 2004, but Abercrombie & Fitch now plans on turning it into another aspiration HCo location. Construction has begun. The billboard, featuring model Paddy Mitchell, has already been erected over the facade at ground level to obscure the construction process from the public...

And guess what? HCo Edinburgh may feature an electronic video facade screening live feed of Huntington Beach. An application for development proposed "internal video screens at ground and first floor." The committee then considered the impact that such presentation would have on George Street - the street is conservative and keeps advertising to a minimum. It was finally ruled in a December 6 report that "on balance, the video screens are acceptable." Nevertheless, the electronic display will make a striking contrast against the aged stone architecture...George Street, welcome to the future.

That this globally iconic brand is furthering its presence in Scotland is quite impressive. HCo brought its SoCal cool to Scotland for the first time on 26 March 2010 when it opened in Aberdeen's Union Square. That same year, the second store opened on October 12 at Buchanan Galleries in Glasgow. And it wasn't until 22 October 2011 when Glasgow got another location (this time at Braehead)! Now that the fourth location is upcoming up, it's definitely a sign of the fantastic opportunities for the brand up in Scotland! Very cool.

The opening of Hollister in Edinburgh is actually delayed. And such rescheduling is not rare coming from Abercrombie & Fitch...Dublin now has to wait until 2012 to get its A&F Flagship! Anyway, you can be assure that HCo Edinburgh will open in 2012. Honestly, it is hard to say when but it will definitely be opening in the first half of the year (most likely during the springtime). Whenever that amazing opening date leaks, The Sitch on Fitch will keep you in the know my fellow Dudes and Bettys!


The Sitch on Fitch greatly thanks and appreciates its reader Oliver for contributing to this post!

HCo George Street is NOW OPEN!!!
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UPDATE (12 March 2012): As an anonymous read commented below. HCo George Street will be opening doors at 10:00 in the morning, March 24th! MARK YOUR CALENDARS! Check out the event page on Facebook (here).

UPDATE (23 February 2012): HCo Edinburgh will be opening doors March 24! Read this for more on the opening day: Dude! Hollister in Edinburgh is Opening March 24!

UPDATE (20 February 2012): The store will be opening either the 23rd or 24th of March. Two sources from the shop gave conflicting dates. It's definitely opening either that Friday or Saturday.

UPDATE (20 January 2012): The HCo Edinburgh location is now taking applications online (at for those who live in Edinburgh and are seriously interested. Password is sydney32. The store is listed under "George Street".