Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Style | A Nordic FIERCE Spirit...

As it moves into a new era, The Sitch on Fitch proudly welcomes the debut
of one of its all-new Contributors-at-Large, Chris...

         HI, THERE, TSOF readers! I’m Christopher, 19 years old from Copenhagen, Denmark. I’m like you, very into the Abercrombie & Fitch brand and just can’t get enough of it!

It all started back in summer 2012 when I went to states for the third time in my life with my family on holiday. I was doing some shopping in the Fort Lauderdale shopping mall when a very nice scent came to my nose. I followed it and there was the Abercrombie store. I had heard about Abercrombie back in Denmark - mostly from girls talking about the greeters. I went in, looked around, bought some clothes and that was it. It was not until summer 2013 when I started to show interest in the brand for the first time in my life. Earlier that same year, I made a New Year resolution, with some of my classmates, that we were to workout 5 times a week in the local gym, have strict diet and get fit for the upcoming summer. I knew it was a hard goal because I was a plump. My goal automatically became to look an Abercrombie Model.

So I started to workout and, because I lost pound after pound, and my body transformed. I had to buy new clothes and I saw no reason to keep buying TH and Ralph Lauren: I wanted to try something new. So what I did was to start buying my clothes from the Abercrombie webstore, because if I wanted to look like an Abercrombie Model, I had to wear Abercrombie, I thought. One day I went to Copenhagen to go shopping with some friends. and I went into the Abercrombie store at Købmagergade and was asked to come to an interview. However, I didn’t get the job, which was a huge step back for me. As the summer went by. and I started my 1st year of Denmark's equivalent to high school, I bought an insane amount of clothes. I got the reputation at my school as the "Abercrombie Boy" and everyone said I was insane, because I wore Abercrombie: I still today find it very nice to have that reputation, but it's not that often mentioned in public as it used to. I was headhunted the same year by another Abercrombie manger in Copenhagen but unfortunately didn't get the job.

As I stepped into 2014, I started to take pictures, and my very first picture was used as a coverphoto for the unofficial Abercrombie Playlist App in the GooglePlay store. I saw this as a motivation to keep going and do more pictures. I started to post pictures of myself at my personal Instagram. When the first spring collection of 2014 went online, as usual, I bought more clothes and posted pictures. Then one day, I opened my Instagram profile and to huge surprise I'd gained 300 followers and a lot of likes. I thought it strange, because it was not normal for me to gain that much attention. Later, I found out that Abercrombie had shared my picture

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It was like a dream coming true! And as the summer went by again, Abercrombie shared a lot more of my pictures and even used a picture I took one year before as print on one of their tees for the 1st black and white collection for men!

And my motivation was as high as never before! Three months after my first pic was shared, I started my own A&F-based Instagram account, @abercrombie_copenhagen. And I use the page as my hobby beside my schooling ever since. Today, I try to promote the brand here in Denmark, with my Instagram account, and to tell the guys that Abercrombie is not only for muscular men; and the girls, too, that Abercrombie has started to make black clothes, and they should give it a go, for example. As I continued my work at @abercrombie_copenhagen, I put my iPhone camera aside in December and started to use a Canon1200d.

Timeline of my work, some of the pictures since I first began...

Spring 2014:

The latest pictures (and then when I started using a Canon instead of my iPhone camera):

As of now, I am also an all-new Contributor-at-Large at The Sitch on Fitch, a great new place for me where I will be further elaborating my love for Abercrombie & Fitch in an all-new way! So look forward to all the exciting upcoming great content coming from me to TSOF readers/A&F fans worldwide!

Be sure to follow my Instagram account, @abercrombie_copenhagen, for my A&F-related pictures of #AFstyle in Denmark!