Wednesday, October 1, 2014

News Now! | Abercrombie Bullying Prevention 2014 Initiatives...

Together, we are one!   |   Image, @abercrombie IG, Oct. 1
         IN HONOR OF National Bullying Prevention Month (October) and its commitment to the cause, Abercrombie & Fitch has launched its second annual initiatives campaign – "Are You An Ally?" – in follow-up to the premier efforts begun in 2013. For this year, the Company has collaborated with actor and singer Lucy Hale (Pretty Little Liars), 25, with whom it had earlier begun partnering with for marketing programs for the Hollister brand. With the coming of NBPM, Lucy was only fitting for further involvement within the Company as lead spokesperson for this great particular cause: its aim being, through freshly creative and impacting ways, in educating the population, primarily youths and in school, on the dire, damaging negative effects of bullying at large across communities and on the prevention of it.

Dr. Joel Harber (PsychologyToday profile), with over 20 years of experience after graduating from the University of Georgia, is an internationally-renowned figure in psychology, based in White Plains, New York, who's partaken in nationwide direct discussions on the matter, has authored two books and numerous published articles, and is in charge of overseeing the initiatives at Abercrombie & Fitch.

Leading the 2014 campaign is a candid video featuring Lucy and other authentic individuals with testimonials, perspectives, and resolve on bullying; it is being shared across the country in 10,000 middle schools and high schools along with a devised peer-to-peer curriculum...

Furthermore, in continuum from last year of engagement via its retail infrastructure, a set of two men's tees and two women's tanks have been made available for purchase instores and online The first amount of US$150,000 accumulated from the purchases of the US$20 graphic tops will be donate to the non-profit organization, No Bully, with which A&F collaborated with back in 2013. The remainder of the proceeds will go to other anti-bullying groups. Instores, with the "Round-Up" option, customers can round their total purchase price to the nearest dollar to accumulate even more for the cause...

T H E   G O O D S
Men's A&F Bullying Prevention Tee in white, heather gray
Women's A&F Bully Prevention Muscle Tank in black, white
All US$20, instores and

Through its scholarship partner, the National Society of High School Scholars (NSHSS; info and application), Abercrombie & Fitch will also provide backing for honoring individual young guys and girls who've excelled academically against being subjects of bullying and for those who have made a recognized stance against bullying. Applicable for students beginning higher education in the fall 2015 semester, ten scholarships under this program will be awarded with a value of US$2,500 – an increase to which prior year recipients will also be eligible for.

"We are proud to champion this cause for the second year in a row, and look forward to seeing the Are you An Ally? program make a difference in schools and communities. It is estimated that 160,000 students miss school every day due to fear of bullying, so we hope this program can help to bring awareness and to address this significant problem." – Michael "Mike" S. Jeffries, A&F CEO

If you see someone – anyone, doesn't matter who they are, how different from you (i.e. ethnicity, gender, orientation, body type, disability, etc.) – being bullied in any way or form (i.e. physically, verbally, whatever) wherever it may be, you need to STEP UP, intervene, and do your part positively to make an impact for the better. Each one of us are a unit, a building block, in this greater world. Think of yourself as a node in this vast interconnected infrastructure, and each has a radiating influence on the greater system depending on its (the node's, you) state of being. Be positive, be open, be curious and intelligent. Use your reason, and be kind to people around you; and don't just stop there, but be kind, aware and considerate of everyone and everything and their condition – really, the greater environment, you, me, him, her, all folks; life out there, sentient animals whether out on your backyard, in captivity, those who go into your sandwich; the planet, really. It's such an obvious thing, but people can be so ignorant of it: It's all in you the way you impact this world and all in it. Ensuring a strong, positive mindset within yourself and your peers, it's a beautiful thing, and you'll enjoy the fulfillment of a world reflected by it.