Friday, January 6, 2012

Models so Hot They were Featured More than Once! | Ashley Perich

About time we highlighted this girl, right?!

The upcoming conclusion of this Christmas/Winter 2011 season will mark one complete year of Ashley as the main face of Gilly Hicks, the Cheeky Cousin of Abercrombie & Fitch! It's really extraordinary. Since the launch of the Spring-Summer season on 2 February 2011, Ashley's been featured completely year-round. In the history of Abercrombie & Fitch, there have been a few models who've been given the honor of returning for another campaign (or more), and their appearances are spaced out, but Ashely is the only one who's been privileged enough to be the lead in three consecutive marketing campaigns - Spring-Summer, Back-to-School, and Christmas 2011!

But of course, that is only just a part of her entire career with Abercrombie & Fitch. Ashley first entered the A&F company marketing scene with her debut in the Hollister Summer 2008 campaign. In the early-half of 2010, she was chosen to return and her horizons at A&F Co broadened. Ashley made her return as the Betty's model in the HCo look book - at that time an all-new online feature for the A&F Family brands - launched for Back-to-School 2010. At that same time, she also debuted online with a mere collection of small promotional banners for the bras collection of styles. This collection of simplistic shots was then selected to be used as official marketing for the GH Spring-Summer 2011 season; it was an affordable way to greatly diminish marketing costs for the Gilly Hicks division. Meanwhile, Ashley remained in the HCo look book. In fact, she is also the only model in the entire collection of A&F Family look books to have remained for so long - everyone else has come and gone - and her duration even beats Jimmy Brighton, featured in the men's division, for the Abercrombie & Fitch brand.

Ashley then kept the ball rolling with another set of shots, similar to the previous season, for Back-to-School 2011. Honestly, the whole affair with her and Gilly Hicks had gotten redundant. She's a cute and pretty girl, but Ashley's photos - simple and low-budget - for GH only signified a profound loss of the original romanticism and depth of the first sepia-toned Gilly Hicks campaign by Bruce Weber. So, in that respect, Ashley's photography signifies the constantly evolving image of the brand. But really, do you even feel any allusions to Sydney, Australia, when you look at her shots? And her being blonde does not count! LOL. Anyway, the marketing wonderfully redeemed itself with the release of Christmas 2011. Her poses didn't change, but the new addition of colorful underwear, a festive and fun play of red and navy, totally brought live back in the image. And, you've gotta admit, she's got a contagious smile!

Born in Pennsylvania (birthdate publicly unknown) as Ashley Perich, this adorable betty was signed to Next Model Management as "Ashley Louise" in her later teenage years. (However, on Google, you'll get more on her as "Ashley Perich" than if you search for her under her modeling name.) She's worked for the NMM agency's Miami, New York, and Los Angeles offices. Since then, she has been spreading that smile of her's throughout numerous campaigns - most notably for Roxy. And if you're into stats, she is 5'8'' tall (173cm) with obvious blonde hair and hazel eyes. She definitely fits the quintessential image of the beach-girl, and so it is no wonder why her modeling at A&F Co has been focused on Hollister and Gilly Hicks. But most interesting about Ashley is that she has this fun, wholesome look to her that furthermore makes her an appropriate candidate for her work...

A younger Ashley for HCo Summer 2008.  |  Photo by Bruce Weber

Looking flirty, floral cute in the HCo look book.  |  Photo from

Ashley's banner for the Plunge style  |  Screenshot of, 2010

Ashley with Jimmy Brighton for GH Spring-Summer 2011.
Note that it's the same photo from the Plunge bra above.

Photo from the Back-to-School 2011 campaign...see how redundant it is?!

"Yes!!! Yes!!! We're not boring anymore!!!" LMAO
Gilly Hicks Christmas 2011

We love you Ashley - we really do! - but you've had a good run, and here's to hoping you don't return to Gilly Hicks!



This is a third in the Models so Hot They were Featured More than Once! series of posts highlighting models that have been featured in numerous marketing campaigns for either one or multiple A&F Family brands.