Thursday, July 23, 2015

Style | Abercrombie & Fitch Meets Jack + Mulligan...

The latest addition
to Our Favorite Brands, Jack + Mulligan,
makers of fine bags/cases and accessories for the modern man...

         A MAN'S GOTTA be prepared for survival out there in the modern world, and what a better way to carry the gear you need to ace with on the daily than with sick bags/cases and accessories tailored to your style!

Now for the A&F Gentleman, fitting goods at Abercrombie & Fitch from an inspired new label outstanding for its unique craft, Jack + Mulligan...

"Jack + Mulligan was born in New York City with the simple premise that a product should be made with a sense of permanence, gaining beauty and character with the passing of time. We strive to offer the highest quality goods imaginable for the best possible value. Our goal is to make products that forge an emotional connection with their owner. Our bags are made with passion, but truly come to life with use. Luxury that's meant to withstand what life's adventures can throw at it. Using only the finest materials and best factories we make goods that are meant to last a lifetime. We select materials such as leather and canvas that build a rich patina and gain character as time passes. With considerable attention paid to detail- from the design and construction of our bags to the hardware and finishing touches- everything is held to the highest standard. The result is a product that will only get better with use. Our commitment to making the best products possible and to our customers is unwavering. Should you ever have issues with your bag due to manufacturing defects, simply send it back to us and we'll fix it free of charge." - About Us,

"Designed for everything from hitting the gym to long weekend travel,
the Kennedy Duffel easily holds a few days' worth of essentials. Handmade in the USA from sturdy twill,
it features water-resistant nylon lining, smart leather accents and an adjustable and
removable shoulder strap that ensures long-lasting wearability."

Jack + Mulligan Kennedy Duffel Bag, stone, US$170
Water repellant twill / waxed canvas / water resistant nylon / leather
18'' W x 12'' H x 12'' D / Handmade in the USA
STORE ITEM: 170-708-0005-003 / WEB ITEM: 99531

"This spacious weekender is handmade in the USA using twill and waxed canvas,
featuring water-resistant nylon lining and smart leather accents. A contemporary take on the classic travel bag,
this piece is suited for wherever your travels take you."

Water repellant twill / waxed canvas / waterproof nylon / leather
18'' W x 12'' H x 12'' / Handmade in the USA
STORE ITEM: 170-708-0007-023 / WEB ITEM: 99532

"A minimalist take on the classic rucksack, this piece features clean lines,
smart leather accents and a streamlined silhouette that can easily be dressed up or down.
Interior pockets, adjustable straps, buckle closure and rugged water-shedding canvas
make this style both long-lasting and stylish."

Water repellant canvas / leather
10.5'' W x 15.5'' H x 6'' D / Holds laptops up to 15'' / Handmade in the USA
STORE ITEM: 170-708-0009-023 / WEB ITEM: 99533

"Handmade in the USA, this hardwearing Dopp Kit features a cotton twill body
with waxed canvas exterior pockets and waterproof nylon interior to keep everything inside dry and everything outside safe
from potential spills. Genuine leather accents and matte hardware pay homage to the Dopp Kit's WWII heritage."

Water repellant twill / waxed canvas / leather
12'' W x 15.5'' H x 5'' D / Handmade in the USA
STORE ITEM: 170-708-0010-023 / WEB ITEM: 99534

This collection is only available online Abercrombie & Fitch in the American market, and the partnership introduces the Abercrombie & Fitch customer to one of exceptional specialty makers of such goods pivotal to the sartorial and practical elements of a modern man's life.

"Clean lines, good colors, minimal branding. Sounds nice, doesn't it? Has a ring to it. Should be your mantra, really. Well, that's exactly what the gents behind the recently-launched accessories line Jack + Mulligan had in mind when they designed their collection of men's bags and carrying cases. Because, let's face it, the traditional silhouettes (tote, messenger, duffel) aren't going anywhere. They're time-tested stalwarts that serve their purpose and serve it well. For that reason, Jack + Mulligan has focused on those styles (plus some additional ones including a dopp kit and flask), and crafted them out of canvas, lined them in cotton twill, used leather on the handles, and antique brass hardware. The colors are bright but not garish, different from the muted, sepia tones typical of the "heritage" brands, but avoiding any cheesy or juvenile connotations. Add to the list of "pros" that the bags are made 100% in the U.S.A. and they come with a lifetime guarantee. If that doesn't sweeten the deal, we don't know what will. Just say it to yourself, over and over again: Clean lines, good colors, minimal branding. That's a mantra we could really get behind." -, February 2014

Explore more of Jack + Mulligan at their official website (here)!

Carry on, man!..