Monday, October 3, 2011

Surf's Up in Paris! Hollister Shop Now Open!

So hot! Anybody wanna going in?! | (image source)
How totally cool is this!!! Oh yeah! The French fans of SoCal cool now have a Hollister shop of their own! The first ever HCo in France opened doors on September 29 to  some very excited Dudes and Bettys! Located in the Carré Sénart mall of Paris, HCo's awesome new shop had hundreds of people lined up and passing through to experience its Southern California fantasy first-hand. Staffed by the hottest models, it's officially one of the coolest places to be seen at in the City of Lights - the other being A&F Paris on Champs-Élysées, of course!

Check out the shots of the event in the SoCal style surfs into Paris... photo gallery on the official Hollister Co.  Facebook page!

Hot surfers at your service! | (image source)
P.S. There are three more Hollister stores to open in France this year! Read Hollister in France, Dudes! Get Excited! for more!