Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Marketing Review! | Christmas 2011: Privileged and Chill... It's the Hottest Christmas Ever for which You Wish!

Christmas 2011 is HERE! Get you sleigh rides ready for one totally awesome season full of FIERCE yule joy!

Here's our seasonal review of the marketing:

Abercrombie & Fitch presents... A&F Privilege

See the entire photo album (here).

This is a return to the simply classic and iconic Abercrombie & Fitch Christmas! It's so compelling I swear I almost teared! Literally, I was smiling so hard my face began to hurt!

A&F has used solid gray backdrops since 2004 and the one such image that has always stood out for me is Matt Ratliff's Christmas 2005 main image. A&F Christmas 2011 makes a bold return to that aesthetic. All that you have in front of you is the models, and their eyes, their expression, their pose...nothing more. And that's wholly intimate, sincere and attractive wouldn't you say? But out of the two models, it is the female model (in the shot where she holds up her arms to her hair) that captivates you with her wondrous gaze. Phenomenal!

And this is also another classic and traditional A&F Christmas campaign because of the return of the main male model clad with a fur-winter coat, open and bearing abs. Previous Xmas campaigns have been lead by such imagery since 2004.

Wrap it all together in a FIERCE red ribbon and you've got yourself a very A&F Privileged yule! So HOT!

abercrombie presents... You Wish

See the entire photo album (here).

It's nice and to the point. It passes off as a great campaign for the season and does not fall short of meeting expectations. It's simple and classic, but not in a commanding simplicity like A&F. No. This abercrombie campaign is just simple to the point of calling it cute.

We also see the return of the male model from Back-to-School 2011. The female model posed for the online Look Book in early 2011. And she sure does look like she's planning to be a little naughty this season! The poor statuesque boy should take a leaf out of her book. Or maybe he just wants to be good for Santa...don't we all. He comes across better than the girl anyway.

It's just nice. But will it bore? ...You Wish!

Hollister Co presents... So Chill

See the entire photo album (here).

This Christmas 2011 campaign is something new for Hollister. It follows along the visual lines of A&F...something that's never been done before. The result brings that bold simplicity and sophistication of A&F to Hollister with laid-back SoCal attitude. There are no romantic duos or beachside's just individual intimacy affront. I like it. I really do.

We also see the return of the male model Paddy Mitchell - yeah that's his name, don't ask - from Spring-Summer 2011 and the female model from Back-to-School 2011, Morgan Dixon. She, in particular, looks much better than in the previous campaign and her sharp forward gaze, too, manages to bring sophistication into the mix.

All of this - chill sophistication, I would call it - is unique to HCo, bold and just enough to carry you on through a very cool and chill holiday season! In fact, it's so chill, my fellow Dudes and Bettys, that it's just totally bad-ass!

Gilly Hicks presents... Hottest Christmas Ever

See the entire photo album (here).

I'm gonna go easy on this girl...she's completely won me over with her Christmas cheer! Am I talking about Gilly or the model Ashley? Both, actually, because apparently there synonymous with one another.

I disliked previous campaigns because Ashley was always back looking the same. :/ But she is so cute with model Jimmy Brighton! Damn you, Ashley! Nothing says Christmas like plaid...plaid on your booty as it is! She's very into the season, very fitting, and I enjoy that. I appreciate that. It's fun, fun, fun. Who wouldn't wanna have a holiday blast like Ashley's having with her Abercrombie boy?!

And with Gilly opening in Germany this Christmas...this may just be the Hottest Christmas Ever, Gilly Hicks!


What do you think?! Awesome, hot, fun? It's all three wrapped up as one incredible Christmas 2011...and it's all for us, the fans! Aren't we totally privileged! Stay warm... Stay chill... Stay FIERCE!

Oh, and I hope you enjoy the new look of The Sitch on Fitch for the holiday! Amazing, isn't it?! And a very merry Abercrombie Christmas to you all!!! You're awesome and don't forget to like us on Facebook - the hottest blog on the block! - C.E.R., editor-in-chief

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