Saturday, September 20, 2014

All About Style! | Abercrombie Fierce Confidence in Shine...

FIERCE Confidence taking frontstage for show...   |   Image: A&F, Facebook
         AT THE CORE of every man who carves out his own destiny, FIERCE Confidence is now the undeniable subject of Abercrombie & Fitch spotlight! The first reimagining of the world's hottest fragrance, the inspired cologne began its elusive, tantalizing entrance as an unannounced, mysterious instore exclusive, back in May, along with the release of the exquisite Perfume No.1 Undone. The seductive bro then made its online debut by the last weekend of August, and it has now garnered the frontstage to captivate by merit of it bold, enthralling poise!

Bearing distinguishing notes of bergamot, white amber, and musk, FIERCE Confidence comes at 1.7 fl oz of sensory ecstasy at US$54 (GB£58; EU€66)...

As noted in a previous post at #THEHOTTESTBLOG, the packaging beautifully alludes to the original stylizing for FIERCE. Purchase the all-new must-have scent now at where you can find it under the colognes line category!

FIERCE Confidence, make it your every-moment statement...

As always, Stay FIERCE!


Friday, September 19, 2014

All About Style! | Abercrombie Denim Jogger Pants Debut...

      THE TOTAL HOTTEST rising star in fashion, the jogger style is taking over with its innovative cool completely driven by its one-of-a-kind revolutionary silhouette and fit! The could-be-said early-21st century's great new invention, for its pragmatic style-cool, is a child of menswear with origins in "pinrolling" that gained ground in Europe years ago; it was reimagined as the "jogger pant" by Michael Huynh and Alex James by the turn of the decade and has now permeated across the fashion industry. (Read our previous post on the development of the jogger pant). And, naturally, Abercrombie & Fitch has made it its own for the A&F guy and girl to carry on in #AFstyle - first in sweatpants jogger and chino jogger, and now the denim jogger has made its wondrous debut!

Footwear worn for men include the New Balance 574 style (classic gray, US$74.99), and Betsy wears the for-A&F Superga Cotu Classic Sneaker (gray, US$65, online exclusive). Tread on...



Thursday, September 18, 2014

Music PROFILED! | Abercrombie's Musicmeister, Ted Keyes...

Ted energizin' crowds at A&F Challenge 2013, September 9, 2013
Image, @abercrombie on Instagram
         TED IS LIFE! Enthralling worldwide fans of the iconic Abercrombie & Fitch retail theater with its sick beats, the musicmeister is the mastermind behind the coalescence that makes up the revered playlists, soundtracks to the fantasies at play. His creations fill and feel the heart and soul – literally when blasting it up! – and transport, in euphoric soundwave ecstasy, to the emotional cool of the lifestyles' dream. Commander of beats, our guy is that special golden key to the ultimate party-up!

The man with the hookup, Ted took on the role of music supervision for the Company back in May 2008 and has been responsible in overseeing all operating aspects of the music facet of the business. This has entailed global digital delivery and strategy, promotions, strategic licensing, talent and label relations, sequencing, and mixing and mastering as detailed in his 2013 Brand Innovators profile. And, oh, the iconic playlists in our community he's overseen since. Who could furthermore forget the absolutely jubilant Christmas playlists of 2010 and 2011 and, signature of the holiday season at A&F in particular since his start, the loved "Rosie Christmas" by Donna Summer: "It's really hard to find great, great Christmas music that fits our style unless we find something really amazing that we think is iconic," he told to The Columbus Dispatch (which discussed the use of holiday tracks and rather more early for the season in retail). The most profitable time of the year for A&F, the holidays got a track-sleighride that gained high fun in the start-years of the 2010s before a sudden halt for Christmas 2012 – a markedly new feel of music for Abercrombie & Fitch was introduced that season that incorporated heavy use of house music elements – which many found very "Ruehl" – for the first time. Since then, the A&F Playlist (and those of the rest of the family) has been subject to a higher degree of scrutiny and intrigue with every succeeding release, in the community, for a very distinct evolution, from the precedent established structure, though in progressive continuum of codes essential to the brand (i.e. energy, sensuality, etc.) and, too, maintaining ties with featured artists with a long trackrecord with A&F and establishing new ones. What is to be highly appreciated from this evolution, now into the mid-2010s, is the admirable modernity which Ted has brought forth, in his pursuit of keeping the playlists in step and of relevance to the times, in organic form of what is happening in electronica and EDM hitherto. He is pure undisputed epic greatness!

Apart from his work at Abercrombie, crowds totally go mad in witness of his killer skills at live events...

"[Ted does] not disappoint. TK incorporated numerous genres of [EDM] and popular vocals into his set and the crowd was digging it! We were trying to find a word to describe his set while we were packing up and we decided that Ted Keyes played a very appropriate set, which is a huge compliment in the DJ community." - Trance Tuesday blog

His working career prior to Abercrombie & Fitch was at Sony Entertainment, in New York City, as a recording engineer where he spent nearly 2.5 years in role. Can't resist the sweet call of the Moose, and o'er to Columbus he went!

Ted's Twitter and IG are @teddyzep and @tedkeyes, respectively, and, though set private, may give you the friendly okay or nah. (The Sitch on Fitch Editor-in-Chief is a follower since last year and has had cool interaction with him and even Peyton; he is also followed by celebrities including Jesse Decker, wife of New York Jets' wide receiver Eric Decker, and by the Human Rights Campaign). His privacy is understandable, though his social media presence is only noted here for how widespread awareness of him came to be by 2013 through it in our community. Furthermore, he uses it as a connection tool for his work.

Loving the current playlists? Blast and dance on!



Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Featured Goods of the Week! | September 16-22...

         GRAY. EVER CLASSIC. The color of timelessness, the past and future. Exceptional #AFstyle goods which carry on in code of such and fit our mood, on #THEHOTTESTBLOG, for our new look we dub #PRAGMATICHOT. Walk with, forward, in fitting style...

This week's Featured Goods: Go ahead, check and snag...

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